How to include relevant coursework on resume

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The applicant may apply for a candidate’s (doctoral) dissertation to the Center. At the stage when it is necessary to write a number of scientific articles on the topic of the thesis, can order scientific articles in the Center, which are paid according to the price. The process of writing and analyzing a scientific article is quite large, while it is necessary to compress all studies to several pages (5-7 pages), while complying with all the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission and the supervisor. Scientific articles can be written in addition to the thesis.

A scientific article is an independent work and should contain a detailed description of the most significant parts of the thesis. You can also order a scientific article for the conference. Such an article will be a large volume (15-20 pages). There should be a lot of graphic and demonstration material (drawings, graphs, tables) for visual demonstration to a wide audience. Articles on experimental research and description of production experience. They look at the methods and results of the research and give their physical explanation. Survey articles on various technological processes, components, equipment. These articles often serve as reference materials for technologists and developers.

The natural answer to this question: when the author obtained new results of interest to the scientific community. These can be the results of our own experimental research, generalization of production experience, as well as an analytical review of information in this area. Publishing an article, the author has two main goals: To complete the stage of his research and “stake out” his priority. Demonstrate your competence and qualifications in this area, get recognition of the scientific community. Before starting to write an article, the author must answer two questions: Are the results obtained by him not the subject of the invention?

 It is possible that the author should instead work on the preparation of an application for an invention. Are there any secrets in the results? Publication of an article with such elements in the open press is impossible. The article consists of the abstract, the introductory part (introduction), the main part (research methodology, the results obtained and their physical explanation), conclusions (conclusions) and the list of references (literature). It performs the function of the expanded title of the article and tells about the content of the work. Abstract shows that, in the opinion of the author, the most valuable and applicable in the work he performed. A badly written abstract can spoil the impression of a good article. An interesting and useful article “Contactless optical switches” is placed in one of the already mentioned journals. It discusses in detail the design and principles of operation of switches of different types. And here is the abstract of this article: “On modern technological equipment, switches are widely used to control the relative position of mechanisms and parts. Optical switches have the longest operating distance per object. Agree, it can hardly be called an annotation.