Transforming Our Politics

"The highest patriotism is not a blind acceptance of official policy, but a love of one's country deep enough to call her to a higher plain."
- George McGovern

At a time when the partisan divide in our country is as wide as it has ever been, there is one uniting complaint from all people on all sides, and it’s something I’ve heard from people all over the 6th District: Washington is broken. It’s one scandal after another, and both parties just point fingers at one another for the fact that nothing gets accomplished. There is no compromise anymore, just blame. No statesmanship, just gamesmanship.
It’s time to usher in a new era of politics, one in which the partisan tug-of-war is abandoned in favor of pragmatic problem solving. Where politicians are accountable to all the people they represent, and not just their wealthy donors.
Regardless of how you feel about policy, little will get done until we fix our broken political system. As your congressman, I will strive to set a new standard for what you should expect from your congressional leaders, by focusing on: 

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